2020 Update

Ivorys Rock Foundation

Whats happening in our Region

There are currently 40 volunteers helping to make the Peace Education workshops available across Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

PEP was first launched in 2012 and over the past 8 years it has continued to be refined and developed for specific groups by the TPRF PEP Development Team. The team has now finished working on the 5th and latest program, PEPEDU, which is designed for senior high school and university students.

The NZ PEPEDU Team has organised pilot programs to be run in several schools in New Zealand commencing 2021. Once completed, participant feedback will be analysed by university researchers to measure its success before PEPEDU is offered more widely.

PEP workshops are facilitated by volunteers with workbooks and materials provided at no cost to attendees. Ivorys Rock Foundation financially supports some of these costs in our region. With your support PEP will continue to grow from strength to strength, making a difference in people’s lives.

Thank you for your support. If you would like to learn more and train as a Peace Education Programme facilitator click here

End of year message from the IRF Board of Directors

2020 has certainly been a year to remember!

Despite the considerable odds, Ivory’s Rock continues to look beautiful and well cared for. This is a testament to everyone’s commitment and enthusiasm, and teamwork this year has been at an all-time high.

This has been our second year without the support of an Amaroo event, and COVID resulted in the loss of our commercial income. A public caravanning and camping park was launched which has brought in a moderate but welcome income. Every perceivable opportunity was taken to reduce costs, which included budget cuts in all areas and a temporary halt on capital expenditure. Staff hours were reduced, and all available Government stimulus packages were sourced (including Jobkeeper), as well as a couple of handy grants. Sadly, in order to remain financially healthy coming into 2021, we were not able to maintain all staff positions.

Special thanks go to all the volunteers (both on-site and off-site) and sponsors, and the Ivory’s Rock Management Team who have operated so professionally in challenging circumstances.
Next year is the 30th anniversary of the acquisition of Ivory’s Rock, and a short commemorative video is in the works.

We are excited to see what adventures 2021 brings, and wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas.
Best wishes from Joy, Sherry, Jeffrey, Brian and Roland

Thank you

Sponsorship this year has been inspiring and awesome!

Due of the impact of Covid19, the annual sponsorship and fundraising target was adjusted to $650,000 (down from $700K). However, despite all the challenges and changes 2020 has presented, the generosity and dependability of our current sponsors has pulled us through.
We are on track to reach the target by end of year. We might even make our original target!

A wholehearted thank you to all our current Sponsors. Amaroo and the South Pacific PEP Program could not exist without your kindness and support.

Did you know that the Sponsorship Program covers a substantial part of Ivory’s Rock annual running costs?

New Sponsors – big or small - are always welcome to our team. One-off donations also help. Click here if you’d like to become a sponsor or make a one-off donation to end the year on a high.

The raffles and all who donated through those also helps in a huge way as well.  The End of 2020 Amaroo Raffle is currently underway. Click here to purchase a ticket.

Thank you all, once again.  We’ve got some big plans for 2021.

South Pacific Sponsorship Support Team
Angel Harrowfield, Dawn Rees, Ruth Hyman, Paula Crisinel

Queries: sponsorsupport@ivorysrock.foundation


Learning and Development

Over the past 18 months 6 focus workshops have taken place at Ivorys Rock, with the aim to improve the experience for volunteers and staff.

54 of a possible 113 volunteers and staff attended the workshops, culminating in a Statement of Values Day on 4th November.  A list of Values gathered from all the workshop was discussed and then voted on.

The Values chosen are:

  • Collaboration
  • Kindness
  • Clarity
  • = Enjoyment

These have since been ratified by the IRF Board, and are now incorporated as the Values for Ivory’s Rock.

Rather than have Values and guiding principles handed down from management, the consultation with volunteers and staff has resulted in a list of Values we can all own and live by.

The next step in 2021 is to consider Values in Action….What do they look like in practice?
Again this will be a collaborative process.

If you would like to know more about this initiative please contact Lorraine Chamberlain at hramaroo@gmail.com

The IRF Learning & Development Team
Susie King, Lorraine Chamberlain, Catherine Gavigan, Jeffrey Johnson- Abdelmalik

Join us and make a difference

No matter where you live, you can be a part of new and existing projects in our region.

From making Peace Education Programs available, to ensuring Ivorys Rock is ‘Amaroo ready’ your involvement makes so much possible.  

Join us!

1.   Become a PEP facilitator

2.   Financially support Ivorys Rock and PEP in our region.

3.   Volunteer for virtual and physical roles. 

End of 2020 Amaroo Raffle

A great way to help keep Amaroo on your mind as well as an opportunity to win one of four big cash prizes - a big A$3000 first prize, A$1000 second prize and two A$500 third prizes.

Click here to enter into the raffle.